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XPS BumpTurn

The XPS BumpTurn rotates media 90 degrees. Perfect for those booklet tabbing jobs where the feed orientation on the tabber does not match the feed orientation on the inline printer.


Throughput Speed 20-500 fpm

Input Height Minimum: 21″
Maximum: 35″

Output Height Minimum: 32″
Maximum: 35″

Material Size Minimum (W x L): 2″ x 3″
Maximum (W x L): 12″ x 12″

Material Thickness Up to 1/8″

Features Angle-Adjust Deck; Rotate Pieces Left or Right.

Safety Material Transport Covers & Belt Crawl

Duty Cycle 240 million pieces total or 4,000,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle

Dimensions 19.5”W x 35”L x 33”H

Weight 50 lbs

Electrical 120 VAC, 3 AMP

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