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Dynamic, High-Volume Mailing System:

Designed for demanding mail centers, the Mint 410 Series Mailing Systems combine high processing speeds with a user-friendly interface. The Mint 410 Series meets the latest USPS® requirements for Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM).

This high-volume mailing system automatically seals, weighs, measures, meters and stacks large mail runs in minutes. The Mint 410 Series features an automatic envelope feeder that can handle mixed size mail, processing up to 300 letters per minute (lpm). A dual-pump jet-spray sealing system ensures secure tip-to-tip envelope sealing, and has five levels of spray adjustments for customization. The 10 lb. weighing platform is standard, with 30 and 70 lb. options available, and can be upgraded to include differential weighing.

The user-friendly interface includes a large, color touchscreen with intuitive prompts and shortcut keys to eliminate extra keystrokes and increase efficiency. The Mint 410 Series automatically receives updates by connecting via LAN every 72 hours, keeping postage rates  up to date. In addition to postage, users can personalize mailings with ad slogans, custom text messages, and more. Users can choose from 15 pre-set jobs, and store up to 10 personalized imprints, which can be easily recalled via the touchscreen.

The Mint 410 Series helps manage your mailing budget with 100 standard departmental accounts, with options of up to 3,000 accounts. Additional standard features include ultra-high capacity ink tanks for up to 115,000 imprints, low-ink email alerts, an integrated postage tape dispenser, and eco-friendly low energy sleep mode.

Options include an extendable power conveyor stacker, output catch tray, drop tray, remote label dispenser, barcode scanner, and USB mass storage. An optional Dynamic Scale weighs, measures, and classifies mail pieces on-the-fly for fast processing with less handling by the operator. With the Dynamic Scale, the Mint 410 Series processes up to 160 letters/minute or 180 postcards/minute.

With high-speed capabilities and flexible, user-friendly features, the Mint 410 Series is the ideal all-in-one high-volume mailing solution.


  • Up to 300 letters per minute
  • Ideal for high-voume mail processing
  • Color touchscreen
  • Ultra high capacity ink tank
  • Dual pump jet spray sealing system
  • 15 preset jobs

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