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  • Reduce manual processing time

  • Maximize employee productivity

  • Reduce manual processing errors

  • Save time and money

Software Features

Send one, hundreds, or thousands of documents in minutes

Impress Distribute is a cloud-based multi-channel document delivery solution that manages the preparation and delivery of your customer communications. Upload documents via a user-friendly SaaS application for Quadient’s certified mail production facility to print, sort, stuff, meter as well as deliver the mail to the post office  You may also select digital delivery channels such as secure branded customer portal, tracked email, or SMS text.

Maximize employee productivity from anywhere

Eliminate the time associated with manual document processing and the risk of human error. Impress Distribute lets you prepare and complete mailings in no time, freeing up you and your employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Manage mailings remotely, all that is needed is an internet connection.

Learn how Groov-Pin, a leading manufacturer of components for clients such as Boeing and NASA optimized their invoicing process and increased employee productivity.

Read our case study to learn more

Improve cash flow

Outsourcing outbound mailings reduces overhead costs and saves time. Expedite the payment process by sending invoices as they are created.  No need to wait until the end of the month.

Ensure compliance and security

Impress Distribute's state-of-the-art production facilities provide the highest level of security and service. Data is transferred by secure protocol (SSH) identical to those used for banking transactions. Processes and procedures are certified to ensure the proper controls and safeguards comply with privacy rules and regulatory requirements.

Track and view document status in real time

Track documents at glance with Impress Distribute’s dynamic dashboard. For physical mail, track each step from print to delivery to the post office. For digital communications, see when documents are delivered and viewed.

Customize and target communications

Personalize documents with targeted messaging for maximum impact by integrating with Impress Automate.

See how Quadient helped Frederick County Public Schools navigate the remote learning situation imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic with Impress Distribute.

Download the case study to learn more

Impress Distribute makes mailings fast and simple

Initiate jobs simply and securely. Impress Distribute guides you through the process for both printed and digital communications. Frequent mailings may also be saved as presets to save time and reduce future prep to just a few clicks. Its powerful features make managing jobs even easier. Assign user roles and permissions, manage cost centers, and set-up document approval requirements all within one easy-to-navigate application.

Think about how you would reallocate the time gained from no longer having to worry about the preparation and delivery of mail. Imagine what more you and your team could accomplish.

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