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IM-35 Automatic Letter Opener and Mail Extractor

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Inbound Mail Processing

The Versatile Desktop Opener

Efficient handling of incoming mail is a simple way to improve profits and customer satisfaction. The IM-35 eliminates the problem of damaged documents. That’s because it is designed to keep the contents of your mail safe while it opens every envelope swiftly. Easy to use and ultra reliable, it can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes.


  • Performance

    Open up to 2,000 envelopes per hour, much more than can be done manually

  • ROI

    Opening costs reduced by more than 50% compared to doing it manually

  • Precision

    Handles mixed mail without pre-sorting and slits envelopes precisely without damaging. contents

  • Speed

    Mail gets to addressee faster, increasing processing speed



To ensure that none of your important or valuable documents are lost during extraction, envelopes are sliced on three sides and unfolded for visual control.

Easy to use

Easy to use and ultra reliable, the IM-35 handles mixed mail without pre-sorting, and opens a wide range of envelope sizes. Its efficiency gives staff time to concentrate on more productive work.


The IM-35 has several operating modes. Operate at an adjustable continuous speed or at operator pace by using a unique sensor-driven envelope-transport methodology.


Improve cash flow by processing payments more quickly. Orders can also be processed faster, which improves customer satisfaction and enhances your business image.


Standard features unique to neopost

Large envelope hopper Yes

Full mixed and standard mail capability, no sorting required

Unique slicing mechanism Yes

1, 2 or 3 sided opening Yes

No production of scrap paper, dust and sharp edges Yes

Pre-programmed jobs Yes

Document extraction

Operator adjustable speed Yes

Sensor-driven envelope transport

Low noise level Yes

Self-explanatory display Yes

Visual contents check

Quick, safe and easy access to paper path by opening only one cover Yes

Compact desktop system Yes

Optional features

Electro-mechanical emptiness detection with four sensors and alarm-sound, including stop counter

Conveyor belt (max. 2) Yes


Height 3.3″ – 6.5″

Width 5.5″ – 10.2″

Thickness up to .16″

Weight 18 – 74 lbs


Conveyor belt

Length 46.5″

Weight 142 lbs

Length 39.2″

Width 22.2″

Height 12.8″


IM-35 up to 2,000/hour

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