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FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger

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The FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger is an ideal solution for print shops and production houses with limited space. This compact, powerful model aligns and dries sheets in a single process while reducing static electricity. Variable vibration speed and air pressure controls combine to reduce jogging time, allowing press sheets and digital printouts to be air-dried immediately.

Its V-shaped jog bin allows for jogging a criss-cross stacked pile of papers, while the vertical to horizontal tilt feature helps keeps large paper stacks from bending. It has three operating modes, and variable air pressure and speed control to process up to 940 sheets at a time in sizes up to 12” x 18”.


  • Align, dry & remove static
  • Compact & powerful
  • Variable speed, air pressure
  • Paper size up to 12″ x 18″
  • Up to 940 sheets 20#

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