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DS-1200 G4i Folder Inserter

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Sophisticated mail processing

Maximum performance, small footprint

Designed to meet the workflow demands of almost every high-volume mailing application, the DS-1200 G4i delivers maximum performance with the smallest footprint of any production-level solution. No matter what the job is, the DS-1200 G4i outperforms the competition every step of the way, from efficient paper loading to predictive intelligence that estimates when the job will be completed.

The 24” color touch screen, automated job changeover, and an infinite number of pre-set jobs make it easy to use. Folding, pack size, and envelope adjustments are all made automatically whenever a job is chosen. The simplicity of user controls ensures that set-up time is reduced to seconds rather than hours, which significantly reduces the need for a dedicated operator and on-site support.

When assembling mail with variable pages, the DS-1200 G4i’s state-of-the-art feeding technology, IMOS operating system, and Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) guarantee the right documents are inserted into the correct envelope.

The DS-1200 G4i can read any type of coding including optical mark, optical character, and 1D and 2D data matrix barcodes. The automated camera adds flexibility by automatically adjusting to the individual mark locations of a particular job.

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 G4i can be configured with the appropriate modules.


  • Easy to use

    All functions controlled by touch screen software

  • Grow revenue

    Increase throughput and maximize ROI

  • Mitigate risk

    Ensure information is secure with document traceability

  • Control expense

    Reduce postage, preparation, equipment, and material costs



The 22” color touch screen and wizard-based guidance simplify operation. Quickly recall stored jobs or create new ones with ease. Load documents and envelopes, press start, and the DS-1200 G4i automatically measures the materials and sets itself up.


Speed is achieved by increased internal processing enhancements and well-balanced input and output capacities. Automatically collate, fold, insert, seal, and count up to 12,000 mail pieces per hour. High capacity feeders can be loaded-on-the-fly and mobile document trolleys load directly from a printer while the system is running.


A wide variety of inserts, from flyers and BRE’s through to thick booklets and even CDs can be fed from a range of up to 16 insert feeders, each featuring fully automated separation adjustment for rapid job change.


The DS-1200 G4i fully integrated direct impression envelope printing solution allows you to personalize envelopes as part of the mail assembly process. This eliminates the need for window envelopes and ensures the privacy of important customer information.


Processing speed Up to 12,000 envelopes/hour Up to 32,000 sheets/hour

24” touch screen PC control (Windows 10) Standard

Automatic job set up Standard

Document feeder capacity Up to 5,000 sheets

Insert feeder capacity Up to 6,000 inserts

Envelope feeder capacity #10 or 6” x 9.5”

Up to 2,000 envelopes

Flats up to 500 envelopes

Set thickness #10 or 6” x 9.5” up to 8mm Flats up to 10mm

Collation after folding Standard

Collation of inserts Standard

Double feed detection Optical Standard

Full modularity Standard

Online help/remote assistance Standard

Accumulation before folding Available


Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Available

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Available

Linear Barcode Available

2D Data Matrix Available

Double feed detection Mechanical Available

Double feed detection Ultrasonic Available

Closed loop verification Available

Mailing system interface Available

Stamp affixing Available

Envelope printing Available

Envelope sorting Available

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