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DB-290 Perfect Binder

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Desktop Book Binding On Demand

  • Binds book blocks with soft covers
  • Applies hot-melt EVA glue to the spine and sides
  • Performs tape binding and padding too

Ideal for shorter runs, the single-clamp DB-290 Perfect Binder produces books up to 1.6″ thick and up to 360 cycles per hour. Simply place the book block into the clamp and the binding process begins with a double pass over the notching and roughening station to prepare the spine for glue adhesion. Side gluing helps bind the edge of the cover to the side of the book block for proper opening and closing. The clamp automatically adjusts to the thickness of the book and sets the nipping station. In addition, the DB-290 offers tape binding capabilities with two different tape sizes available and with a push of a button, sets to the padding function where only the required amount of glue is added to the spine to produce notepad applications.


  • Easy job setup and changeover
  • Notching with 6 roughing blades and dust extraction
  • Manual cover feeder
  • LED control panel


Key Applications

  • Paperback books
  • Tape bound workbooks
  • Padded notepads
  • Catalogs and manuals
  • Books with spot UV covers


SPEED Up to 360 cycles per hour

INPUT PAPER SIZE Book block: 1.97″ x 4.72″ to 12.6″ x 15.75″, Maximum cover: 12.6″ x 33″



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